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June 10, 2015

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Announcing a Status Page for the EMR!


Many of you are accustomed to reaching out to support when you have questions or concerns with your EMR account. And that’s great! But we also understand that if you had the option, you might choose to investigate things on your own first. Giving you the tools to do what you need to do and do it well is one of the driving forces behind the EMR, which is why we’re launching the EMR Status Page.

You’re always¬†welcome to reach out to support if you think something’s not working right. But now all you advanced users can¬†check the Status Page to see whether there are issues with things like:

  • Main Application
  • System Storage
  • Phone Services
  • Quest
  • Outgoing Emails
  • Outgoing Faxes
  • Payment Services
  • Email Inbox and Files Inbox
  • Shipping Labels

The status will tell you whether the feature is working operationally, is experiencing degraded performance, or even a partial or major outage. We’ll post as many details about the issue as we can, as well as let you know when you can expect to be up and running again. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Status Page over here! >