Posted by: AtlasMD

February 24, 2014

Dear Congress, This Doctor Is NOT For Sale. Don’t Sell Her Services Without Her Permission.

In her open letter to the President, Texas physician Kris Held, M.D. writes:

“Dear Johns,

“I am not for sale.

“You may not use me and my works to discriminate against my fellow American patients, much less for your profit. I will not serve one patient under one set of rules and another patient under a different set of your pen’s usurious rules. You lie to me and my patients. I call you out. You falsely advertise my services. You profess “access to care” for your members using false advertising when you list me as one of your “providers”. You trick patients, who you call members; I will not be tricked by you. By the way, I am a doctor not a provider.”

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