Fox News Says Concierge Medicine Is Now For The “Not-so-Rich”

We came across an article from Fox Business and thought we’d share a laugh. From a leading news source, you’d think they’d have found a more comely way of saying middleclass, working Americans. Something else stood out to us also. They asked, “Even at the lower prices, is it worth it?” Then continued to say:

“[Some] in the industry say the moniker ‘concierge medicine’ no longer fits, as the concept becomes more accessible and mainstream.” What do you think? Should we try to rebrand our sane version of healthcare to something else? Or do we ride the wave that brought us to this point today, from a service that was geared solely for the wealthy? It’s TBD whether or not the effort is worth it. Although there are a lot of versions of concierge medicine. A simple differentiator would be nice.

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