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November 12, 2013

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Sean Hannity Demands More Atlas MD

Dr. Josh was invited to speak with Sean Hannity (again) just a few days ago. We don’t want to humblebrag since it’s poor online form, so we’ll be direct–we’re honored to be brought onto the popular show. And we’re blessed to have the chance to tell America, there are alternatives to overpriced health insurance. Thank you, Sean Hannity.

Hannity asked if we’ll go into the insurance exchange. Our answer is no. It’s another form of red tape. It’s not adding anything. It’s actually slowing our nation down. However, if it can make catastrophic insurance more affordable, that’s a fantastic side effect.

Hannity also asked if fee for service docs are accepting insurance from the exchange. All we’ve heard is a resounding no. After 6 national conferences, everyone is worried about participating. Docs are looking for a way around these plans that might short them more than existing ones.

Think about this. Isn’t it a sick irony when our administration spends a billion some-odd dollars to “help” people in need, when the problem was all kinds of red tape making the product more expensive than it needs to be.