Kake.com Covers Atlas MD and Shows The “Crazy” Truth of Direct Care Success

Empty waiting rooms might seem like an ominous forecast for a business. But not here at Atlas MD. We’re grateful that Kake.com came by to talk to us, and see us on a busy day, seeing about 4-5 patients. Along with our waiting room that had practically no one sitting in it all day, since they could come right in to see us upon arrival.

We’re compelled by Kake.com’s angle, communicating that we aren’t THE answer, but an option that is on the market. Again, it’s always nice to hear sensible journalism. It’s incredible how much it feels like you have to yell to get media attention these days. And generally it comes along with immediate opponents who make us sound like we’re the bane of patients seeing doctors, that we’re cursing people automatically to some lower tier where there won’t be any doctors left for them to see.

That’s not the case, though. Realistically, we just want the world to know we’re here, we’re doing well financially, that our patients are satisfied, and that we’re saving them money, not scamming them. We believe the market has the real demand to deserve a supply of direct care family doctors. Like Kake.com said, “While the business style might not be the perfect option for everyone, it is an option you can consider.”

Thanks, Kake.com. Check out their complete story over here.