INTERVIEW: R-Health Is Philly’s Newest Direct Care Facility

Mason Reiner, CEO & Co-founder of R-Health, a direct care startup in Philadelphia

Mason Reiner and Dr. Randy Robinson co-founded R-Health back in October 2013. The startup charges an Atlas MD-style monthly membership fee that grants access to see primary care doc with no co-pay or deductible. Individuals, employers, unions and small businesses are all eligible to participate.

Michael Hinkelman of talked to Reiner recently.

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September 29, 2013

Dr. Josh Talks About Practicing Medicine in Kansas

Special thanks to Physicians Practice, who conducted an interview with Dr. Josh. You can stream it on their site here. He talks about why Kansas is a state that lets doctors truly practice family medicine.

While of course we want to see direct care spread EVERYWHERE in America, there are some advantages to Atlas MD’s location in Wichita. Josh explains how great it is to be able to experiment, and offer a wide range of services – colonoscopies, obstetrics, and more. This has given the practice the power to challenge the status quo and reinvent the patient-doctor relationship to the benefit of all parties, insurance companies included.


UPDATE: Dr. Josh’s Interview With The Objective Standard Now Available Online

Head over to to read Dr. Josh’s recent interview with Ari Armstrong. We sent out a PDF copy last week to our subscribers, but if you missed it, you’re in luck. You can check it out right there on the website, or download it as a PDF.

In the interview, Dr. Josh fleshes out his vision of direct care, one that’s taken the interest of influential parties, including patients, doctors, insurance companies, and even members of the state congresses. Yes, direct care sounds utopic, and therefore unrealizable, but if you remove the bias and look at the data and listen to its success stories, it’s clear that healthcare wins when doctors spend time with patients and not paperwork. Of course, direct care doctors see many fewer patients than those operating inside the red tape, and Dr. Josh addresses this issue with honesty and conviction.

Ari Armstrong is the assistant editor of The Objective Standard, and a writer/blogger based in Colorado. Besides purveying the philosophy of Ayn Rand, his book Values of Harry Potter: Lessons for Muggles explores themes contained within J.K. Rowling’s beloved Harry Potter novels. Obviously, Ari’s well-rounded. Thanks to him for conducting such an insightful conversation about direct care.

Dr. Josh Breaks Down Every Facet Of Direct Care In His Latest Interview

The Objective Standard spoke with Dr. Josh and captured a comprehensive, and digestible, overview of direct care. The conversation was conducted and transcribed by journalist Ari Armstrong and is currently available as a PDF file for private use and distribution. We’re excited to share it personally through this week’s Atlas MD newsletter (will be included as an attachment). If you haven’t signed up for our weekly direct care updates, you can do so here (make sure to check the newsletter box). Or, if you like, email hello[at] to request your copy of the interview.

The Objective Standard is a quarterly periodical written from an Objectivist perspective (Objectivism being Ayn Rand’s philosophy of reason, egoism, and laissez-faire capitalism). Josh’s interview is slated for Fall publication. Covers Atlas MD and Shows The “Crazy” Truth of Direct Care Success

Empty waiting rooms might seem like an ominous forecast for a business. But not here at Atlas MD. We’re grateful that came by to talk to us, and see us on a busy day, seeing about 4-5 patients. Along with our waiting room that had practically no one sitting in it all day, since they could come right in to see us upon arrival.

We’re compelled by’s angle, communicating that we aren’t THE answer, but an option that is on the market. Again, it’s always nice to hear sensible journalism. It’s incredible how much it feels like you have to yell to get media attention these days. And generally it comes along with immediate opponents who make us sound like we’re the bane of patients seeing doctors, that we’re cursing people automatically to some lower tier where there won’t be any doctors left for them to see.

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It’s Business Time (Interview)

Critical Financial recently talked to Dr. Josh about the simple math behind his concierge medicine practice.

He pulled back the curtains on Oz so to speak. But instead of a frail old man, there’s some great insight into why government policy won’t fix anything (because the doctors have to provide the care) and why the current system looks about as silly as buying auto insurance that covers gas, flat tires and oil changes.

Check out the full interview here. Josh was delighted to air a few of his frustrations. We hope you’re as relieved to know you’re not the only one who’s feeling like primary care is looking a bit ridiculous these days.