LISTEN: Podcast, Ep. 13

LISTEN: Podcast, Ep. 13

Happy New Year! The direct care duo starts 2014 with good news and exciting updates. We’re happy to report that we’ve been consulted by Kansas University; in the near future, more students will be getting a glimpse into the world of insurance-free medicine through their curriculum. International pins were placed on the I Want Direct Care map (including clinics and patients in the U.K., Vietnam, Argentina, and more). And a humblebrag warning: we were interviewed by Harvard Business Review, so keep an eye out for that.


And of course, our vision of direct care success includes an app to help docs escape the red tape. EMR/Practice Management software has moved out of beta and into open enrollment. We’re offering free custom domains for practices. When you sign up you can customize your url as Please, visit and reserve your custom url. Even if you’re just thinking about concierge medicine or direct primary care, secure yours just in case.

Need help transitioning into direct care? Please, lean on us for experience and advice. We are ALWAYS available. We want docs to succeed. Send us an email or talk to @AtlasMD on Twitter.

If you have’t yet, visit and fill that map with red! It’s great to track the enthusiasm of our direct care model. Direct care docs, take note: doctors can add their contact details and post it on the map! And insurance agents, do you sell wrap-around plans? If so, you’re invited to add your contact details to the map now, too!