When Will Technology Actually Transform Healthcare?

“Health care is overwhelmed by “fast, cheap, and out of control” technologies,” writes Joe Flower.

Every new device will revolutionize healthcare, right? We hear this all the time. And, to be fair, we’re tech nerds here in the Atlas MD office.

However, we have a major caveat to our passion for healthcare tech.

In our case, we are excited about iterating on our EMR that eliminates the waste in your direct care practice.

And by eliminating the waste in your practice, we’re helping you to re-imagine how you get paid in your practice.

But with all the other technologies out on the market, Joe Flowers is left wondering: wouldn’t it make healthcare orders of magnitude better and far less expensive?

We agree with Joe. He says, “… The experience of the last three decades is that each new technology only adds complexity and expense.”

Check out his complete post on Kevin MD. He makes a compelling case for the real culprit in our nation’s unaffordable healthcare system. It’s actually the ironic fact that massive corporations literally profit by maximizing the number of wasteful tasks they complete.

In a system like this, what happens is that people invent new technologies, but not ones that actually remove the waste. That’s because, if they did, a lot of people would lose a lot of revenue.

So, given the situation, we’ve embarked on the long overhaul of reinstating actual cash paid for actual services.

We’ve got a long way to go. But keep in mind that healthcare innovation has been promising silver bullets for 30 years. Isn’t it surprising how much worse the system’s gotten in all that time?