What’s New in the Atlas.md EMR?

The latest feature releases and updates in the Atlas.md EMR include ways to make your clinic more efficient, accountable, and accurate.

Edit Vitals & Stats
Vitals & Statistics are now editable. By clicking the new “Details” button for each measurement, you can edit or remove the entry entirely. Learn what’s possible over here.

New Patient Importer
Now you can import your patient list quickly and easily by uploading a CSV. Read more about how it works over here.

Introducing Lab Panel Organization
Now you can easily save groups of tests you request frequently. Saved groups are shared across the entire account for easy clinic-wide access. Learn how to utilize lab panels over here.

Better Handling of Quest Results
If a lab result comes back from Quest not matching an existing patient, skip the duplicate entry and assign the result to the correct patient instead. Read where to find your mismatched results here.

Email Quest Request to Patient
If your patients prefer a digital or printed copy of their lab order file, this new feature makes that possible. Learn how here.

Set and Manage Your Favorite Prescriptions
Now you can create and manage a list of your favorite or most frequently used prescriptions right from the prescription view. Learn more over here!

Better Task Filtering
Use new and improved task filtering to keep better track of who has what on their plate. Select from the drop down on your Tasks page to see not only tasks on your list, but tasks which you have assigned to someone else.

Additional Patient Export Options
When exporting a list of your patients, you now have the option to include (or leave out!) those who have not consented to non-secure methods of communication. Learn how to export patients over here.

New Export Option for Billing Reports
With one click you can quickly and easily export billing data to a CSV, which is an Excel readable format. Available for the Sales & Expenses, Monthly Subscriptions and Active Patient widgets. (We’ll continue adding this to more widgets in the future!)

Renamed Monthly Fees Label on Invoices
To make invoices more compliant with insurance firms and credit companies who provide healthcare solutions, we’ve renamed “Monthly Subscriptions” to “Medical Services.”

Easier Access to Detailed Prescription History
When you visit a patient’s chart, you’ll find a bold link to their prescription history right at the top of the page for instant access.

More Options for Phlebotomy Charges
Now you can select whether you’re drawing specimen from inside your clinic, or from an external location, such as an outside lab. Read more over here.

Clinic Logo Present in More Places
Your clinic’s logo is now viewable in more places, including all printed pages, and in the full printed/downloaded patient record. Better branding, better consistency.

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  1. send more info on how I could get started and move over to Atlas. What are advantages of yours over the four I have used….Allscripts, Care360,Athena, and now Practice Fusion

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