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March 25, 2015


What’s New in the EMR?

What’s New in the EMR?

This month, simple is better. Read below for all the ways the EMR encourages a simpler process for running a Direct Care practice.

Simplified Prescription Interface
You’ll notice more intuitive placement of buttons, making prescribing again and refills much simpler processes. Get the details here.

Create Custom Vitals & Stats Categories
This new feature in the vitals and statistics section allows you to track the stats that mean the most to you (and your specialty!), enabling you to provide an even more personalized experience for your patients. Learn how to create a custom category over here.

Account Fax Number
You can now enter your fax number from your settings page, which means your fax recipients will be able to respond more easily since your fax number will be more visible to them.

Improved Archival Experience
Now when you’re unarchiving a patient, you’ll have the opportunity to recreate the patient’s monthly subscription. In addition, if you archive a patient who is part of a family, you have the option to archive other family members as well – saving time and money. Read more here.

More Detailed Download Records Capability
Now when you download a patient record, you get not only the patient’s chart, but all the files that come along with it. Just unzip the resulting file and view the content, which will be organized in folders.

Authorship and Creation Date for Inventory Items
Now you’ll have visibility to who created the inventory item, and when.

Macro Previews
When you reference another note from the patient record in a macro, we now show a tooltip with a preview of its contents. This means you can skip a click in most cases and know right there what that reference is for.

New #Shipping Macro
Now when you enter #shipping in a note in your patient’s chart, you can reference past shipments you’ve sent through The reference links directly to the tracking information so you’re always aware of the shipment’s status.

Locate Prescription by Number
We’ve improved the search function to include the ability to search for a prescription by it’s number. Find what you need – faster.

Patient’s Preferred Pharmacy
Now you can view and edit patient’s preferred pharmacies right from the patient’s profile. (You can set one from here, too!) will use this setting next time you fax a prescription for the patient.

Expanded Billing Reports Export Functionality
Now you can export the detailed earnings report to a CSV, which provides you a monthly breakdown of your account’s revenue source.

Extended SMS Permissions
Nurses can now send SMS messages in the name of a physician. If a nurse doesn’t have Twilio integration enabled, but the primary doctor for a patient does, the nurse can send an SMS seamlessly from that patient record. The SMS will be sent from the doctor’s Twilio number, and signed with the nurse’s name, so everyone’s clear about who’s sending what.

Better Payments Balancing now automatically adds a charge whenever you add payment that would end up in a negative outstanding balance. Read all about it over here.

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  1. I suggest to add email notification of patients who paid their bills online. Right now, I don’t know who paid online until I am in that patient’s billing.


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