What’s New in the Atlas.md EMR’s Patient Access iOS App?

We’re always looking for ways to improve, and you’re probably getting used to seeing our frequent update articles about features we’ve added to the EMR. But this time we have new features to announce for the Atlas.md Patient Access iOS app! These updates make it easier for you to track data, and ensure safety remains top of mind.

Manage and track patient health data in one place.

HealthKit Integration: The HealthKit merges patients’ health and fitness data from multiple applications and houses them in one place. HealthKit integration allows you to work smarter by decreasing the time you spend tracking and managing your patients’ information. While it’s already possible to merge health data with HumanAPI and FitBit, the HealthKit is an extra feature that increases the app’s fitness-tracking capabilities so you can easily monitor your patients’ health and so patients can reach their fitness goals.

  • HealthKit makes it even easier to track and manage patient health data because it integrates directly to the patient’s phone — patients’ caloric intake, sleep-tracking information, nutritional information, vital signs, and more can now be tracked and submitted with one easy application.

Safely connect with your patients.

Touch ID Security – we are excited to introduce a safer way for you and your patients to connect. Touch ID security decreases patient vulnerability by requesting a fingerprint authentication every time a patient gets back in the app. This security feature is much more difficult to crack than typical passwords, so you and your patients can collaborate safely and effectively. This security feature works on all products that support Touch ID (iPhone 5S and up).

  • Use fingerprints to login
  • Reduce risk

With these new features, you can manage and track patient information and ensure patient security — allowing you to focus on what matters: your patients’ health. We’re constantly improving the security and connectivity features on the iOS patient access app so you can have the freedom to connect with your patients in a real and a safe way.

4 thoughts on “What’s New in the Atlas.md EMR’s Patient Access iOS App?

  1. Phil Berry says:

    Does the app still allow patients to schedule their own appointments over existing appointments? Does it allow them to schedule appointments during hours we are closed?

    • admin says:

      Hi Phil!

      Thanks for the questions. We’ve addressed both below:

      1. Allowing the patient to schedule over existing appointments is by design for the sake of doctor’s schedule privacy. We may change this in the future, however!

      The appointment flow requires doctors to confirm appointments requested through the Patient Access App; doctors can make adjustments from there, and their patients receive a confirmation email with any changes they made to the appointment time. It’s another way docs and patient can communicate directly.

      2. The Patient Access App respects the Office Hours that are set in the Account > Settings page to show only those times as available for patients. If patients are scheduling appointments outside your office hours, you might double check those settings?

      Thank you!

      – Atlas.md

  2. Steve says:

    When will we be able to put in when our office is open, especially if ech day has different schedule of open/closed hours?

    • Atlas MD says:

      Hi Dr. Horvitz! Great question. I’d really love to be able to give you a timeline on that, but… I can’t!! It is on our roadmap, though, so it’s something we’re working on in between some of the bigger updates. 🙂

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