What’s New in Atlas.md?


A few new buttons go a long, long way in the latest feature release. Now you can do things like run a full report of earnings per doctor, export your inventory to CSV, and send shipping tracking information to your patients via email or SMS. We’d say the EMR just got a whole lot cooler, wouldn’t you?

Billing Report: View Charges by Type and Per Physician
Now when you’re pulling your monthly reports, you’ll have another helpful metric to analyze. The newest feature is the “Earnings per Doctor” report in Billing Reports, which does exactly what it says. This detailed report will break down each doctor in the clinic’s earnings into the following categories: subscriptions, labs, prescriptions, misc, shipping and total earnings. Just one more way to help you understand your clinic a little better. Read more about billing reports over here.

Inventory: Export to CSV Button
We know each clinic works differently, which is why we’re giving you more flexibility when it comes to managing your inventory. With this new Export to CSV feature, you can export your inventory as a CSV to be easily read by Excel or any other spreadsheet application. Here’s how.

Review Your Auto-Charge Logs
Want to review all of your automatic charges at once to make sure they all went through? We thought you might. And now you can. Here’s how: Go to Billing > Patients and Billing. Click on the cog menu, and select Auto Charge Logs. This will give you a list of all of your patients who have automatic billing, and also show confirmation of payment or failure to complete payment. Now that’s clarity. Check out more patient billing details over here.

View Tasks Account-Wide and Sort by User
A new and improved tasks menu means more accountability and easier communication between staff members about tasks. Now you can choose to view all of your staff’s tasks at the same time, making sure nobody’s tasks get missed if they are out sick. Loose ends, tied.

Send SMS Messages to Work Phones
Wait, what? Let us break it down for you. The app is now smart enough to know when a phone number labeled as a “work phone” is actually a mobile phone. And if that’s the case, your SMS communication will go through just as you intended. Intelligence goes on even behind the scenes!

Electronic Signature Macro
A new and improved macro adds a quick electronic signature to your content. Just type #sig! Refresh your memory on all the macros over here.

Macros Inside Macros
It’s smart wrapped in fast topped with convenience. Now you can group multiple macros together inside your custom macros for maximum productivity. Need to include your patient vitals and their basic demographics in the same macro, for example? No problem! When creating a new macro, simply list the group of macros you’d like to reference in the “Macro replacement content” text area.

Option to SMS/Email Shipping Tracking Information
Now when you use Atlas.md to order shipping, you can easily send the tracking information to your patient through SMS or email. Another helpful button you’d have sworn was there all along.

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