Posted by: Atlas MD

May 3, 2021

A Moment to Say Thank You

It’s been a strange year, and, for many of us, one of the hardest in known memory. We’ve had to sacrifice in every possible domain of our lives – our work, our freedoms, and our health.

But perhaps no one has had to sacrifice more than the healthcare workers who, when called upon to keep us safe, rose unflinchingly to the challenge. While many stayed inside doing their part to halt the spread of the virus, those working in healthcare were in the labs, in the hospitals, and on every healthcare frontline working tirelessly and fearlessly to protect everyone. It’s because of them, and you, that we can see a light at the end of the tunnel, that we have managed the miracle of developing an effective vaccine in an impossible timeframe, and that we will find a way back to normal.

When we made, we wanted to help doctors connect with patients in order to provide higher quality care – and more of it. But we never imagined just how essential this tool would become, and how effectively it would be wielded by our doctors to help others in a time of crisis.

There is no update today. We just wanted to say that we see you – everything you’ve achieved, and everything you’ve sacrificed – and to say thank you for everything you’ve done. Who knows what the world would be without you.

Major Insurance Conglomerate To Raise Rates By Double Digits

WellPoint surprised industry experts when it announced it will likely seek “double-digit plus” rate hikes. Insurers still have two months before they must submit their 2015 rates, so WellPoint’s prediction could impact other insurers’ rate-setting plans, Bloomberg reported.

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The Clash Of The Titans Or David & Goliath? Apple And Google Revolutionize Digital Healthcare

The Clash Of The Titans Or David & Goliath? Apple And Google Revolutionize Digital Healthcare put together a rather comprehensive list of Apple’s and Google’s digital healthcare milestones on their website. Even if you aren’t going to use or purchase all of them, it’s worth considering as we gain traction on the ever-changing healthcare landscape. For sure, it’s exciting. Startups are rushing to the market, both disrupting existing products — our EMR could definitely be considered a disruptive technology — and reifying existing problems e.g. digital EMRs that help doctors navigate exponentially crippling ICD-10 codes.

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