Stephen Schimpff Wants To Spend More Than 10 Minutes With His Patients

You call for an appointment and are told it will be about 20 days.

You arrive on time only to sit in the apt named waiting room for 40 minutes.

You see your primary care doctor (PCP).

You start to explain why you came in.

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The Direct Care Doctor Will See You Now

Thanks to @jsgoldmd20 who linked us to a relevant Huff Post story. Ann Brenoff’s “The Doctor Will See You … When Her Boss Says She Can” documents her experience with an overly commodified fee-for-service doctor. It’s not the same old story, of long waiting rooms, harried visits, obscene fees, and dodgy insurance claims… Well, it does have the long waiting room, but for a different reason: Brenoff’s doctor refuses to spend less than 30 minutes with her patients, even when the company she works for demands she book appointments every 10-15 minutes.

The problem, though, is that patients back up in the waiting room. Even when her appointments are booked four weeks in advance, Ann Brenoff is forced to wait over an hour to see her doctor. Recently she got fed up and tried to take her business elsewhere. Her time was too valuable. She couldn’t be made to wait.

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