Direct Care Docs Left The Healthcare Blues Behind. Then John Stewart Sang Them.


If you’re in the mood for a good laugh, check out this comedy round-up from The Atlantic. At the 1:30 mark, John Stewart decries Obamacare and its endless woes with a montage of politicians determined to save the monstrosity. You won’t believe how many times various proponents have uttered the phrase “Fix it. Don’t nix it.” in front of a camera. Is this our government’s way of fixing healthcare? Rhyming idealism? To be fair, we are visionaries, too. But as direct care practitioners, we spend less time trying to make our desires rhyme, and more time just making them a reality.

Kimmel Jumps On The Red Tape Bandwagon

Red Alert politics alerted us to this new Jimmy Kimmel sketch skewering Obamacare. We’re glad to know comedy has joined our crusade to get rid of tiresome bureaucracy, so doctors can focus on actual healthcare. Although, given the nature of comedy — the best humor is forward-thinking and offers social critique — healthcare has a long, long road ahead. At least certain public figures are pointing us in the right direction.