Free Market Principles Make The Difference Between Life And Death

In Sonoma County, a man is battling more than a dozen tumors in his body.

Oh, and now he is fighting a different battle, says CBS News, with his insurance carrier, Anthem Blue Cross.

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Here’s An Idea. Let’s Make Healthcare So Affordable That You’ll Need A Loan For Your Deductible.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard the parable of the tall man and the cat.

Maybe not, since I had to make it up in light of healthcare’s unending cost increase.

See in this allegorical village there was a group of citizens who were very upset with a man who lived there. This man was very, very tall, and he made all the villagers feel uneasy (they were insecure about the crowns of their heads, who knows why).

One night, a mob caravanned to the tall man’s house with tall, burning torches.

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Direct Care Is The Vaccine For “Deductible Season”

In the fee-for-service world, like the real world, there is an annual cycle. And, of course, there are seasons.

You know “flu season,” “poison ivy season,” and maybe even “Lyme disease season”.

But there is also a season that has little to do with medicine and everything to do with a broken payment system.

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Infographics: Walmart Health Plans Are Cheaper And Offer More Coverage Than Obamacare

The Washington Examiner played Obamacare watchdogs recently and came back with some shocking figures. You know we’re not insurance people per se, but we are free market enthusiasts. And to be clear, these numbers might be a little misleading (no one in support of Obamacare was willing to provide data to the Examiner). That said, scroll down and check out these infographics comparing Obamacare and Walmart’s health plans.

Some highlights: Walmart employees in Chicago can find way more options for way less cash. And plans/deductibles nationwide are far cheaper for Walmart employees. Plans granting access to prestigious hospitals like the Mayo Clinic are even included. And some plans offer up to $1,000 cash for flex-spending, perfect for a family to enroll in a direct care clinic.

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