Here’s An Idea. Let’s Make Healthcare So Affordable That You’ll Need A Loan For Your Deductible.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard the parable of the tall man and the cat.

Maybe not, since I had to make it up in light of healthcare’s unending cost increase.

See in this allegorical village there was a group of citizens who were very upset with a man who lived there. This man was very, very tall, and he made all the villagers feel uneasy (they were insecure about the crowns of their heads, who knows why).

One night, a mob caravanned to the tall man’s house with tall, burning torches.

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Posted by: AtlasMD

January 3, 2014

You Won’t Believe This Reddit Tape

ABC reported on a recent Reddit post of a $55,000 appendectomy bill. Yes, 55 THOUSAND dollars. Although the 20-year-old man in question got over the pain of his appendix removal, his hospital bill probably won’t be feeling better anytime soon. Fortunately, the patient was insured, so he only had to pay $11,119.23 of the outstanding bill. The shocked man of course took to the best place on earth to document all things ridiculous.

“I never truly understood how much health care in the U.S. costs until I got appendicitis in October,” he wrote on Reddit. “I’m a 20-year-old guy. Thought other people should see this to get a real idea of how much an unpreventable illness costs in the U.S.” The recovery room cost $7,501.00, which surprised the man because he spent only two hours in there. The actual surgery cost $16,277.

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