Will The Uninsured Become Healthier Once They Receive Healthcare Coverage?

Conventional wisdom might tell you, The Affordable Care Act will save thousands of lives, as millions of uninsured persons* receive the coverage they lacked, and hence the care they need.

But although commentators make the assumption that the ACA will improve the health of the uninsured, the link between health insurance and health isn’t so clear.

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Atlas MD Tops MedCrunch’s List Of Innovative Health Companies To Follow In 2014

MedCrunch is a new kind of online magazine covering health, medicine, entrepreneurship and technology. It’s coming from a good place, focusing on new trends and the challenge of being a physician. They listed a few innovative trends and people to watch for in 2014 and we made the top of the list! We’re not going to complain when MedCrunch writes, “… Atlas MD recently finished their new electronic medical record. Mobile friendly and sleek with iPhone like usability, it is likely a dream come true to doctors everywhere dealing with their clunky medical record counterparts, or worse yet, paper.”

Thank you for the kind words, MedCrunch.

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