Doctors Ought To Get Paid However They Choose To See Their Patients

Hans Duvefelt explains the strange world he lives in: He can freeze some warts in less than a minute and send a bill to a patient’s commercial insurance for way more money than if he spent fifteen minutes changing someone’s blood pressure medication.

Why’s this the case? For one, he’s a victim of red tape i.e. governmental market manipulation.

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Will The Uninsured Become Healthier Once They Receive Healthcare Coverage?

Conventional wisdom might tell you, The Affordable Care Act will save thousands of lives, as millions of uninsured persons* receive the coverage they lacked, and hence the care they need.

But although commentators make the assumption that the ACA will improve the health of the uninsured, the link between health insurance and health isn’t so clear.

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Huff Post Asks The Tough Question: Is Concierge Medicine Really Worth It?

MARCH 26, 2014 – Growing up, Erin Havel’s family saw one family physician. That doctor gave her mom medical care when she was pregnant, delivered her when she was born, gave school shots, wrote prescriptions for any virus that came up, and helped her grandparents with geriatric care. This was well-rounded family care at its a finest.

However, things changed when her doctor retired. Patients were transferred to a new doctor, with his eyes on the dollar sign.

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