Direct Care Is Growing In Greeley, Colorado

Dr. Frank Morgan has been practicing medicine for 13 years in Greeley. Like many of his fellow primary care purists, he wanted to spend more time with his patients and less time dealing with insurance paperwork.

That’s why he founded his new direct primary care clinic, Balance Health, 1709 61st Ave. Here, like us, he treats his patients without accepting insurance. Instead, patients pay a $99 monthly subscription for access to his personal primary care services, as well as access to the clinic’s gym and nutritional advice services.

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Straight From A DPC Physician’s Mouth: “I’m A Happy Doctor Again!”

Mary Wulfers raised a serious question after reading about ObamaCare Exchange enrollees who can’t find doctors.

She asks, Who wants to see a doctor who is being forced to treat them?

Her husband is a primary care physician and, together, they opened a cash-only practice this year. It took two years of planning, but the couple decided to cut the red tape, and offer affordable, actual care to hundreds of patients.

And, get this, Mary’s husband is 61 years old. He could have easily retired, but the joy and reward of running a cash-only practice has kept him in the practice pool.

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Direct Care Outsmarts The “Big Three” Financial Barriers To Opening A Private Practice.

Traditionally, there are three financial barriers to starting your practice — the office, the technology and the management. But Atlas Md-style of direct care addresses each of them.

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Oklahoma, Meet Your New Direct Care Practitioner, Dr. Davenport.

Great news! Edmond, Oklahoma will have local access to direct care on April 1. That’ll be the day Doctor Jeffrey Davenport, M.D. opens his new practice, One Focus Medical. He is offering Atlas MD-style of primary care: membership-based, insurance-free, and destined to save patients money.

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