Posted by: AtlasMD

September 15, 2017

The Value Proposition You Don’t Value Enough.

Value Proposition for Direct Care PracticesWe talk a lot about value added propositions. Here, here and here for example. As you probably already know, we’re referring to the value you bring to your patients. Your value comes in many shapes and sizes – your flexible schedule and extended appointment times, your ability to open your doors at almost any time, your willingness to answer the phone, email, text, or video call at all hours, not to mention your steadfast devotion to saving your patients money at every turn.

But there’s one piece of value you offer your patients that, whether they say it out loud or not, is actually invaluable to them.

You put the power back in their hands.

It starts at the top. The freedom to opt out of a convoluted healthcare system held together by red tape is liberating in itself, but the benefits just keep coming. Nobody’s telling them what to do. No insurance or third party regulations of which the fine print must be scoured. Your patients do their research, and weigh what Direct Care offers against the alternative. The choice is theirs. They make the decision, and they can feel good about the consequence.

Because after they sign up, they see that the power stays in their hands. Read more