LISTEN: Atlas MD Podcast, Ep. 12

LISTEN: Atlas MD Podcast, Ep. 12

And we’re back. You can stream the new Atlas MD podcast on iTunes. We’ve had some¬†recent speaking engagements, one of which was with the Wichita Rotary. Little known fact, our local Rotary Club is the seventeenth largest in the world! Who’d have thought?

Also, thanks Dr. Ray Siedel from Ruidoso, New Mexico, who stopped in to discuss his direct care transition that’s happening over the next six weeks. We have multiple doctors scheduled to come in every week for the next month. We’re always glad to talk shop, so let us know if you want to stop in.


If you have’t yet, visit and fill that map with red! It’s great to track the enthusiasm of our direct care model. Direct care docs, take note: doctors can add their contact details and post it on the map! And insurance agents, do you sell wrap-around plans? If so, you’re invited to add your contact details to the map now too!

And we’re continually updating the beta version of EMR. Find out about the newest updates here.

Also, if you’re thinking about starting your own direct care clinic, check out our How To blog posts. We’ve got plenty of posts that address many common questions — staffing, in-house prescriptions, start-up costs, marketing, social media, and more. Take a look and if you still have questions, send us an email or talk to¬†@AtlasMD on Twitter.

Thanks for tuning in. See you soon!