Live Stream Dr. Josh’s Press Conference On Monday, August 19 @ 1 PM CST

Great news. Dr. Josh has been invited to Skype in to a live press conference held by the Michigan State Government. In case you missed it, state legislators in Michigan have taken a stance for less bureaucratized healthcare. The event will be addressing this topic and related issues. There will be speakers from both House and Senate committees, and professionals in the industry. The speakers will hold a live Q&A afterwards.

The entire event will be both videotaped and broadcast live on Michigan Government TV. You can access the live feed on Monday here. (Look for the August 19 session titled 1PM. If you’re on a desktop, it’s on the top of the left column.)

If you can, please share this post with other doctors you think would be interested. Hope you’ll be tuning in Monday!

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Skeletons in the EMR Closet (Links)

Here’s a weekly round-up of articles pertaining the headache that is the state of EMR.

Most pain apps lack physician input
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