Posted by: AtlasMD

January 12, 2015

What’s New in the EMR?

Some of the new features launched in the latest round of EMR updates include better security, better activity tracking, enhanced custom billing options for labs, and MMS messaging support.

New Inventory Sales & Expense Widget: The new inventory sales and expense widget shows you in plain daylight what you’ve profited vs what you’ve spent during any timeframe you choose. Read more about the widget here.

Two Step Authentication on Login: Now you have the option to enable two step authentication when you log in, during which you’ll enter an SMS code sent to your cell phone for an extra layer of account protection. Read more about that over here.

Better Activity Tracking: Now the app tracks your keyboard strokes, so if you’re typing a long note about a patient you won’t be logged out automatically for inactivity.

In-App Mass Emailing: Now you can send a mass email to multiple patients from right inside the app. Click here for all the details.

Send and Receive Images through SMS: Text isn’t the only hotshot in town anymore. Now images sent and received through MMS are stored inside the app, just like SMS messages.

Custom Labs Billing: Now you can enter custom prices for labs with a simple click. Read more about how it works here.

Open Prescription Alert: Forget to finish a prescription? We’ll help remind you with an alert that shows open prescriptions one week old or more.

Additional User Roles: Now your account can include more than physicians and nurses. New user roles include Nurse Practitioner, and Physician Assistant. Read more about user roles over here.

Money Saving Techniques: In case you’re curious how much money is being saved on prescriptions ordered and filled through the EMR, that magic number is now being displayed on the sales site. The number grows daily so check back often!