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September 22, 2015

Hard for You. Easy for Your Patients. Perfect.

This article over on HelpScout’s blog is all about how to write well. How easy reading is damn hard to write. Well, you’re not writers, you’re healthcare professionals… but the concept still applies.

It applies in the most basic of ways — how you communicate with your patients. You have to translate medical terminology into something your patients can understand (they didn’t go to medical school at all, remember?). You have to break it down into simple, everyday words. What you say must be easy to digest. That means getting rid of all the excess stuff. Stuff like phrases that only repeat your point rather than further illustrating your point — there’s a difference.

Like the article says, “Great writing moves you effortlessly through the words; reading becomes as quick as thought.” Which is why it’s more than what you say or don’t say. It’s how you say it.


This whole “easy reading is damn hard” concept also applies on a deeper level of Direct Care. A level that stretches beyond writing, actually. This level is why your patients love you so much. It’s why they feel the need to tell people in the supermarket line about you. It’s because you make healthcare easy for them. You make them feel good about the decision they made to be part of the Direct Care movement. You make them feel empowered by their choice to ditch red tape and middle men. You make them healthier and more confident as they leave the tangled web that is health insurance behind.

So as you continue to provide excellent care for your patients, you’ll also continue to find your own style. Your own writing style, your own bedside manner style, your own practice style.

“Novelist Neil Gaiman once said that writers find their own voices only after they’ve sounded like a lot of other people. On the road to writing your own seminal sentences, start by studying those that have stood the test of time.”

We want to help make all this easier on you. We’ve done the legwork, the really hard stuff. We, and many others, have built Direct Care practices which have stood the test of time. So while you’re busy finding your own voice, it’s okay to use ours for a while. Get it in the DPC Curriculum. Get it through our free consulting services. We’re standing by at, excited to hear how you’re working hard to make life easier for your patients!

Posted by: AtlasMD

September 15, 2015

Atlas MD Podcast 23 – Addressing the Scalability of Direct Care.


In the latest podcast episode, the high school sweethearts of Atlas MD discuss what they’ve been up to lately, address the scalability of Direct Care, and make a connection between ICD-10 and Fight Club. You’ll be glad you listened!

Listen here! Atlas MD Podcast 23 >

Is Direct Care scalable? Yes!!
As you grow, adding a new doc to your practice can do more than just open you up to helping more patients. It also frees you up for a little extra vacation or weekend coverage and gives you access to instant second opinions! But you have to make sure your new addition is the right fit, or you’ll be backpedalling from day one.

Is your practice ready to add a new location? That’s fantastic! In this episode, Drs. Josh and Doug address how Atlas MD is adding an additional location, what to look for in new space opportunities, and answer common questions about the scalability of Direct Care.

A little fight can go a long way…
As you know, we recently launched our Direct Care Curriculum, where we share the knowledge we’ve amassed over the past ten years – for free. This isn’t just for everyone who’s already heard about Direct Care and wants to learn more… we’d like to challenge that particular group, though. We know you know people. Those people are stuck in their traditional healthcare setting and honestly they don’t see a way out. They’re facing a career change, or retirement — but that’s not what they really want. So reach out to those people. Help them use the fight they have left in the best way possible. Direct Care is waiting to give them the invigorating career they always thought they’d have.

The biggest mess you’ll ever avoid…
The launch of ICD-10 is right around the corner, and we’re hearing a collective sigh of relief from DPC practices around the country as they sit back and watch the madness from the sidelines. Those same practices are wearing their support for Direct Care. Are you? Check out to learn more! Oh, and don’t forget to tag your social media posts #IAmDirectCare!!

See you next time!

Listen here! Atlas MD Podcast 23 >