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October 1, 2015

What’s New in the EMR?

What’s New in the EMR?

In October’s Features Release we’re responding to some of your hottest requests, like additional growth charts and multiple patient subscription options. But we’re also introducing some features that will make communication between you and your patients easier than ever before. And who can forget about the ICD-10 rollout? Well, maybe you, since you don’t have to deal with it…

Multiple Patient Subscription Options – Including Yearly and More!
Now the EMR allows you to manage new kinds of subscriptions for your patients: yearly, quarterly (every 3 months) and semestral (every 6 months). Giving your patients what they want is getting easier and easier. Get the details here.

Updated Labs Pricing
You’ve been talking to us about Quest labs prices, and we listened! We’ve updated the way your practice handles custom quotes provided by Quest to make your life easier in the long run. Read more here. Read more

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September 15, 2015

Atlas MD Podcast 23 – Addressing the Scalability of Direct Care.


In the latest podcast episode, the high school sweethearts of Atlas MD discuss what they’ve been up to lately, address the scalability of Direct Care, and make a connection between ICD-10 and Fight Club. You’ll be glad you listened!

Listen here! Atlas MD Podcast 23 >

Is Direct Care scalable? Yes!!
As you grow, adding a new doc to your practice can do more than just open you up to helping more patients. It also frees you up for a little extra vacation or weekend coverage and gives you access to instant second opinions! But you have to make sure your new addition is the right fit, or you’ll be backpedalling from day one.

Is your practice ready to add a new location? That’s fantastic! In this episode, Drs. Josh and Doug address how Atlas MD is adding an additional location, what to look for in new space opportunities, and answer common questions about the scalability of Direct Care.

A little fight can go a long way…
As you know, we recently launched our Direct Care Curriculum, where we share the knowledge we’ve amassed over the past ten years – for free. This isn’t just for everyone who’s already heard about Direct Care and wants to learn more… we’d like to challenge that particular group, though. We know you know people. Those people are stuck in their traditional healthcare setting and honestly they don’t see a way out. They’re facing a career change, or retirement — but that’s not what they really want. So reach out to those people. Help them use the fight they have left in the best way possible. Direct Care is waiting to give them the invigorating career they always thought they’d have.

The biggest mess you’ll ever avoid…
The launch of ICD-10 is right around the corner, and we’re hearing a collective sigh of relief from DPC practices around the country as they sit back and watch the madness from the sidelines. Those same practices are wearing their support for Direct Care. Are you? Check out to learn more! Oh, and don’t forget to tag your social media posts #IAmDirectCare!!

See you next time!

Listen here! Atlas MD Podcast 23 >

Insurance-Based Primary Care Won’t Prevent Obesity

Recently, someone asked me on Twitter, “Has the change in classification of obesity as a disease affected how you treat patients presenting w/ the disease?”

The classification change in question is regarding the American Medical Association’s declaration that obesity is a disease rather than a comorbidity factor.

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The ICD-10 Emperor Has No Clothes

They howled ICD-10 was delayed. And they howled loud and fierce.

Apparently, the life of U.S. healthcare hangs in the throes of 68,000 diagnosis codes.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world has switched to ICD-10. But here’s a secret. The World Health Organization’s version of ICD-10 has about 16,000 codes, equivalent to ICD-9-CM.

Let’s reiterate: The rest of the world is not using ICD-10-Clinical Modification set, which has 68,000 codes.

The Canadian version of ICD-10 has about 16,000 codes, but the physicians do not use those codes for billing and reimbursement. They use a more limited code set of about 600 three-digit codes.

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Direct Care Is The Most Political, Least Political Healthcare

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This post deserves a caveat — healthcare shouldn’t be a political issue. When someone comes into my office because they have chest pain, I don’t ask them “What’s your political leaning?” before administering care. And now after reading about the recent delay of ICD-10 in Congress, I realized that my choice in practicing Direct Care was the most political and least political thing I could have done.

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That Didn’t Take Long. Congress Delays ICD-10 Legislation.


Congress is now going to vote to delay the ICD-10 implementation date.

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ICD-10 Billing Codes Cover Everything That Happens On And Off The Silver Screen

You know this guy, right? Rapper-turned-actor Will Smith is also the only person who's tried to kill himself with a jellyfish.

You know this guy, right? Rapper-turned-actor Will Smith is also the only person who’s tried to kill himself with a jellyfish.

You’ve heard the stories about ICD-10 billing codes covering everything under the sun — suicide via jellyfish included. Well, in case you’re wondering where the idea came to kill yourself with a tentacular sea creature, look no further, we found the inspiration — Hollywood.

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Flaming Jet Skis, Spacecraft Crashes, Suicide By Jellyfish… And The Attack Of ICD-10


Seriously, ICD-10 billing codes are coming. Unless you untangle yourself from the red tape of bureaucratically controlled healthcare, you are going to need to adjust to this staggering reform. The common way to deal with corporatocratic upgrades is with the classic seminar — and ICD-10 is no different. Thankfully, The Weekly Standard sent a writer to cover one such seminar… Attendees paid between $585 and $985 for a two-day “boot camp” taught by Annie Boynton, with credentials “longer than the alphabet… BS, RHIT, CPCO, CCS…” Students took their seats and found a thin spiral book​—​the “ICD-10-CD General Code Set Manual” for 2014​—​and a six-pound “ICD-10 Complete Draft Code Set” that was as thick as a phone book…

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LISTEN: Podcast, Ep. 14

LISTEN: Podcast, Ep. 14

We’re back and a LOT has happened! Seriously, 2014 is going to be a year of paradigm shift — the status quo isn’t going to cut it if insurance premiums jump 50-60% and fee-for-service docs are being told to keep 6 months of cash on hand to protect themselves from ICD-10 payment delays. Great news, though, we’re working with large unions comprised of 10-15k employees — manufacturing unions, school district unions, others — and excited about how vital this could be in the spread of direct care. And there are more physicians cutting the red tape — A practice in Oklahoma opens April 1st; Dr. Michael in Missouri is almost ready to start operating cash-only; an office in New Mexico opens February 1st; and several more are slated for the next few months. Once this ball gets rolling, we’re convinced it’s not going to slow down.


In this episode, the docs outline best practices for direct care pricing, share a surprising story of insurance intimidation, and offer insight into the effects that insurance-free medicine will have on healthcare.