Fox News Asks, Is This The Worst ObamaCare ‘Glitch’ Yet?

Fox News interviewed the mother of a family of five who lost their insurance. They now face “uncertainty” thanks to endless glitches on the Obamacare website. For years they elected to carry a high deductible, low cost insurance plan i.e. the type we encourage our patients to buy. According to Obama they’ve been “underinsured” though.

Their philosophy on healthcare mirrors our outlook. They’ve been paying for minor issues out of pocket for years and putting aside the the money they save on their deductible. They didn’t mention direct care, but this family would benefit greatly from an Atlas MD-style of medicine. All seven members could see Drs. Josh, Doug or Michael ANYTIME for $150/mo. Colds, flus, sprains and more could all be treated in-house, at rates much lower than average clinic costs, saving them countless dollars over the course of a year.

This new layer of ACA red tape seems problematic. Really, should the government have the right to determine HOW MUCH insurance people need? We’re not opposed to them prosecuting companies practicing unethical business; there are insurance plans on the market that willfully misrepresent their offering (Forbes wrote about these junk plans here). However, this family in question was TAKING CARE OF THEMSELVES WITH THEIR OWN MONEY. The fact our administration is willing to actually throw them under the bus in order to help those in need disappoints us. And unless the ACA starts actually helping people get healthcare this sentiment seems likely to spread.

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December 20, 2013

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So Long, Superbug. New Medical Action Video Simplifies Ninja Polymers And MRSA.

Great animation in this informative video! Although we’re not sure is needed to be so — how do we put it — fun. Isn’t it already cool that we developed a defense against a deadly bug that kills 19,000 people a year? Also, we’re curious how these polymers “degrade” and “slip away”? That’s solid creative writing (ninjas, slip away, ha). But they left a lot of the science out of this part. Oh well. Ayn Rand marveled at innovation in Atlas Shrugged, speeding trains and such. For all the market intervention bestowed upon us, it’s good to know biomedicine hasn’t slowed down.

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So CBS News in Las Vegas aired a segment about MedLion a few weeks ago. You’ve probably heard us mention Dr Samir Qamar’s operation. He was originally a high-end concierge medical doctor, offering private, 24/7 service for the elite Pebble Beach Golf Resort. He charged his patients as much as $30,000 a month.

No worries, he is charging much less now. 70 bucks a month and a $10 copay. His model doesn’t include the house calls we do, and it is a little more expensive than what we’re offering here. That said, it takes all kinds to bring direct care and cash-only medicine to life. Every time a news segment’s telling our side of the healthcare story, we’ll call it a win. Part of us might want to argue with MedLion, “Oh, you’re charging too much.” But that’s petty. In fact, that type of pettiness would be great. Seriously, that dialogue will only happen when direct care goes mainstream. American healthcare would look a lot different then. We’d welcome a new set of problems to overcome, new battles to win. At least we’d have made it past today’s impasse, where insurance dictates patient care, and not the other way around.

Red Tape Puts Insured Californians in a Bind

Fox News conducted a hard interview with a doctor in California. All things considered, we’re aware of the network’s general political leanings, and we’re not politicians at Atlas MD (we’re doctors). However, it’s very difficult to argue with the fact that paying subscribers have been kicked off of existing plans in California, and forced into Obamacare programs. Regardless of whether one plan is better than the other, one thing has been eliminated, and that’s the power of choice.

Had we been invited to the program we might have added that the insurance doesn’t guarantee quality care. Quality care is something that takes time and experience. The more fee-for-service doctors deal with insurance to get paid, the less medicine they actually practice. In a perfect world, there’d be MORE doctors, not more red tape. Ironically, as we add more bureaucratic influence, albeit well intentioned, we run the risk of running doctors out of medicine entirely.

Sadly, the government imagines medicine like this — insure everyone, problem solved. But what happens when all the doctors are occupied, and there’s no one to see all these insured patients?

WATCH: Dr. Lee Gross Explains His Direct Care Success In Florida

Check out this YouTube video of Dr. Lee Gross, MD, a family physician practicing in Florida. He presents Epiphany Health, his direct primary care plan, to medical students attending the AMSA national conference on October 12, 2013 at Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine. His talk was sponsored by the Benjamin Rush Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the doctor-patient relationship and preserving freedom of choice in medicine.

Just a heads up, it’s a long video, clocking in around 35 minutes. To help you out, we highlighted a few key segments.

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John Green Breaks Down The Inefficiency Of American Healthcare Spending

UPWORTHY linked us to a fantastic video from John Green, astronomically prolific writer and thinker, who explains why healthcare is SO EXPENSIVE IN AMERICA. It’s seven-minutes long but he covers EVERYTHING. Did he mention the red tape? Of course he did. And he also mentioned a fundamental reason for Americans overpaying for EVERYTHING healthcare-related. It’s rooted our inability to negotiate the prices we pay. One thing he didn’t mention? Direct care. And to his point, we are a David up against a Goliath system. But before we turn to the government to negotiate for us, let’s consider the alternatives, doctors like us who can use our power to help patients get the care they need at a price they can afford.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Who is Hank? Hank is John’s brother. They have amassed over 300 million views on their vlog brothers YouTube channel where they take turns explaining things to each other.

Click through for some helpful links John Green provided along with the original video… Read more Covers Atlas MD and Shows The “Crazy” Truth of Direct Care Success

Empty waiting rooms might seem like an ominous forecast for a business. But not here at Atlas MD. We’re grateful that came by to talk to us, and see us on a busy day, seeing about 4-5 patients. Along with our waiting room that had practically no one sitting in it all day, since they could come right in to see us upon arrival.

We’re compelled by’s angle, communicating that we aren’t THE answer, but an option that is on the market. Again, it’s always nice to hear sensible journalism. It’s incredible how much it feels like you have to yell to get media attention these days. And generally it comes along with immediate opponents who make us sound like we’re the bane of patients seeing doctors, that we’re cursing people automatically to some lower tier where there won’t be any doctors left for them to see.

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