Direct Care Is The Most Political, Least Political Healthcare

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This post deserves a caveat — healthcare shouldn’t be a political issue. When someone comes into my office because they have chest pain, I don’t ask them “What’s your political leaning?” before administering care. And now after reading about the recent delay of ICD-10 in Congress, I realized that my choice in practicing Direct Care was the most political and least political thing I could have done.

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Atlas MD Is Neck In Neck For CMT’s Most Influential Brand In Cash-Only Medicine

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Do you believe in the power of Atlas MD-style direct care to address our ailing healthcare system? Affordable subscriptions, unlimited visits, 24/7 doctor access, wholesale prescriptions — some as low as pennies per pill — and discounted labs, and the reality of switching to a wrap-around insurance plan… Then take the CMT survey here.

Vote For Atlas MD As The Most Influential Cash-Only Clinic

Concierge Medicine Today is asking their readers ‘What are the most influential “brand names” and “people” in the concierge medicine and direct healthcare marketplace? We earned their nod amongst an impressive list of insurance-free clinics/physicians. Results will be revealed mid-March, so if you have time, vote for us! Atlas MD is primary care fit for a CEO — free procedures, unlimited office and tech visits, discounted labs and prescriptions — at a price fit for all of us. Thanks for your support!