The Government Proposed 10 Rules For Redesigning Healthcare. And Now Direct Care Is Finally Addressing Them.

In 2001, the government was getting people together in think tanks to re-imagine American healthcare. Coincidentally, at the same time, Dr. Josh Umbehr was envisioning his own solution to a world of rushed visits, stingy insurance reimbursements, and a potential dissatisfaction of a career in medicine. Then in 2010, Dr. Umbehr opened Atlas MD, a […]

ACA Homogeneity — Direct Primary Care Doc Closes Up Shop In Wisconsin

We’re disheartened to share the news that Dr. Schupp closed his Madison, WI-direct primary care facility last month. He told the DPC Journal Editor, Michael Tetreault, “I wanted to try something different [entrepreneurial] and had over 100 patients were interested in the first two-months of startup. I was able to cover expenses with just 40 […]

The Spirit Of Direct Primary Care: Entrepreneurship And A Drive To Serve

We’ve been harping the benefits of running a direct care practice. And we’ve admitted that it takes ambition to get yours off the ground. We, as advocates of direct care, are reacting against the complacency of the majority, against the headaches of seeing thousands of patients, of making patients wait for hours to see us […]

7 Things Transitioning Direct Care Physicians Need To Consider

7 Things Transitioning Direct Care Physicians Need To Consider

Okay, so you’re sold on at least four key benefits of practicing direct care and/or concierge medicine. However, in order to realize your own direct care success, you’ll need to make certain preparations.

What equipment do I need to purchase to start a concierge medical practice?

What equipment do I need to purchase to start a concierge medical practice?

Let’s be frank. You’ve likely got a plethora of machines and equipment strewn about your current practice. The machines might vary if you’re a specialist, but if you’re a family doctor you’ve obviously got thermometers, Sphygmanometer, Electrocardiogram, etc. But what do actually NEED to practice concierge medicine? In actuality, you can start with little more […]

LISTEN: Atlas MD Podcast, Ep. 7

LISTEN: Atlas MD Podcast, Ep. 7

Tune in to the next installment of our podcast. Our direct care ship is sailing smoothly, patients coming in and out, some patients even tweeting about the great care they received. My experiences with @atlasmd are always the epitome of person-centered medicine. What a blessing to have them in our city! — Bailey (@BaileyBlair) September […]

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January 16, 2017

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Hey DPC Docs! You’re Better at Sales Than You Think.

You went to med school. You speak medicine. You speak healing, healthcare and patient happiness. So if the idea of sales and selling makes you want to go jump off a cliff… yeah, we get it. If you’re thinking about transitioning to Direct Care, or even starting fresh with Direct Care, there are two things […]

Be Poised to Scale Gracefully.

We want you to start your Direct Care practice the right way — without cutting corners or having to sacrifice quality because you think you can’t afford it. It’s why we do the things we do. You know, like offering all our consulting services absolutely free. Or traveling the country to help spread the word […]

Atlas MD Podcast 21 – Inside the Mind of Medical Students

Atlas MD Podcast 21 – Inside the Mind of Medical Students

In the latest podcast, Drs. Josh and Doug talk about their upcoming travel schedule, which recent updates to the EMR have made the most impact on clinic efficiency, the launch of, and how a $600 prescription turned into $6 (that’s not a typo!). Next, the docs open up the floor to two medical students from […]

An Open Invitation to Be Brilliant.

To all the docs in a traditional practice who feel trapped. To all the physicians who wrap up each day feeling exhausted, buried behind mountains of paperwork. To all those former med students who thought there would be more patient in patient care. It’s your turn.  Your turn to be who you always wanted to […]