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June 10, 2015

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Announcing a Status Page for the EMR!


Many of you are accustomed to reaching out to support when you have questions or concerns with your EMR account. And that’s great! But we also understand that if you had the option, you might choose to investigate things on your own first. Giving you the tools to do what you need to do and do it well is one of the driving forces behind the EMR, which is why we’re launching the EMR Status Page.

You’re always welcome to reach out to support if you think something’s not working right. But now all you advanced users can check the Status Page to see whether there are issues with things like:

  • Main Application
  • System Storage
  • Phone Services
  • Quest
  • Outgoing Emails
  • Outgoing Faxes
  • Payment Services
  • Email Inbox and Files Inbox
  • Shipping Labels

The status will tell you whether the feature is working operationally, is experiencing degraded performance, or even a partial or major outage. We’ll post as many details about the issue as we can, as well as let you know when you can expect to be up and running again. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Status Page over here! >

What’s New in the EMR?

This month we’re excited to announce fewer feature updates, but bigger updates. The features below enable you to communicate more easily with your patients, further building your relationship from the ground up.

RubiconMD Integration

Request feedback from a specialist right from the app using the RubiconMD. When you enable RubiconMD integration to your account, you’ll be able to request direct (and remote!) feedback from a specialist about a particular client case. Read more about how RubiconMD works.

Introducing Growth Charts
Now you can track your patients’ growth from right inside the vitals and stats section. Find out more about how growth charts use height, weight and BMI information to plot the charts over here.

Newly Redesigned Patient Invoice
Introducing a completely redesigned invoice! Its new features improve clarity and aim to make everyone’s lives easier by helping patients understanding their invoices in a more timely fashion. Oh, and now uses a new PDF rendering engine that will result in much sharper invoices with improved typography. See the breakdown of all your patient’s invoice features here.

Non-NDC Inventory Tracking
This feature has been requested by many of you, and we’re thrilled to announce its launch! Now you’ll have a handle on your non-NDC inventory inside your account. You can track and sell supplements, vitamins or even fitness tracking devices right from your clinic inventory. Read on here about how you have more control over those non-FDA-controlled meds.

Easier Credit Card Updating Process
Now you can easily ask your patients for updated credit card information with just one click. When a patient’s card expires, or doesn’t work properly, you can send them an email which allows them to handle the information update on their own.

Appointment Change Notifications
In addition to appointment confirmation notifications, your patients will also receive a notification if their appointment has been updated. Everyone’s on the same page!

New Date and Time Macro!
Introducing simpler date and time entry for you busy docs. Enter #time for mm:hh, enter #date for mm/dd/yyyy, or simply use #now for a combination of both formats. View all available macros here.

Smarter Family Details Editing
Keep family information synced and as up-to-date as possible. Now if you edit an address or a phone number for a patient who’s part of a family, you’ll have the option to update that data for the other family members as well.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of these new features, and hope they do indeed make your life, and your patient relationships better. Send us a note over at, or just reply to this email!

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March 25, 2015


What’s New in the EMR?

What’s New in the EMR?

This month, simple is better. Read below for all the ways the EMR encourages a simpler process for running a Direct Care practice.

Simplified Prescription Interface
You’ll notice more intuitive placement of buttons, making prescribing again and refills much simpler processes. Get the details here.

Create Custom Vitals & Stats Categories
This new feature in the vitals and statistics section allows you to track the stats that mean the most to you (and your specialty!), enabling you to provide an even more personalized experience for your patients. Learn how to create a custom category over here.

Account Fax Number
You can now enter your fax number from your settings page, which means your fax recipients will be able to respond more easily since your fax number will be more visible to them.

Improved Archival Experience
Now when you’re unarchiving a patient, you’ll have the opportunity to recreate the patient’s monthly subscription. In addition, if you archive a patient who is part of a family, you have the option to archive other family members as well – saving time and money. Read more here.

More Detailed Download Records Capability
Now when you download a patient record, you get not only the patient’s chart, but all the files that come along with it. Just unzip the resulting file and view the content, which will be organized in folders.

Read more

What’s New in the EMR?

The latest feature releases and updates in the EMR include ways to make your clinic more efficient, accountable, and accurate.

Edit Vitals & Stats
Vitals & Statistics are now editable. By clicking the new “Details” button for each measurement, you can edit or remove the entry entirely. Learn what’s possible over here.

New Patient Importer
Now you can import your patient list quickly and easily by uploading a CSV. Read more about how it works over here.

Introducing Lab Panel Organization
Now you can easily save groups of tests you request frequently. Saved groups are shared across the entire account for easy clinic-wide access. Learn how to utilize lab panels over here.

Better Handling of Quest Results
If a lab result comes back from Quest not matching an existing patient, skip the duplicate entry and assign the result to the correct patient instead. Read where to find your mismatched results here.

Email Quest Request to Patient
If your patients prefer a digital or printed copy of their lab order file, this new feature makes that possible. Learn how here.

Read more

The iOS Patient Portal Launched to the Masses

After a successful trial period of the iOS Patient Portal, access to invite patients to the app is now enabled for all accounts.

The portal connects you with your patients, making it easier than ever for them to communicate with you. They can reach out at their convenience, pay their bills and manage other billing details, and set and manage appointments – right from their iPhone or iPod Touch.

For more information about how to invite patients and get them set up with the patient portal app, be sure to jump over to the support section and read all about it. 


What’s New in the EMR?

Some of the new features launched in the latest round of EMR updates include better security, better activity tracking, enhanced custom billing options for labs, and MMS messaging support.

New Inventory Sales & Expense Widget: The new inventory sales and expense widget shows you in plain daylight what you’ve profited vs what you’ve spent during any timeframe you choose. Read more about the widget here.

Two Step Authentication on Login: Now you have the option to enable two step authentication when you log in, during which you’ll enter an SMS code sent to your cell phone for an extra layer of account protection. Read more about that over here.

Better Activity Tracking: Now the app tracks your keyboard strokes, so if you’re typing a long note about a patient you won’t be logged out automatically for inactivity.

In-App Mass Emailing: Now you can send a mass email to multiple patients from right inside the app. Click here for all the details.

Send and Receive Images through SMS: Text isn’t the only hotshot in town anymore. Now images sent and received through MMS are stored inside the app, just like SMS messages.

Custom Labs Billing: Now you can enter custom prices for labs with a simple click. Read more about how it works here.

Open Prescription Alert: Forget to finish a prescription? We’ll help remind you with an alert that shows open prescriptions one week old or more.

Additional User Roles: Now your account can include more than physicians and nurses. New user roles include Nurse Practitioner, and Physician Assistant. Read more about user roles over here.

Money Saving Techniques: In case you’re curious how much money is being saved on prescriptions ordered and filled through the EMR, that magic number is now being displayed on the sales site. The number grows daily so check back often!

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December 18, 2014


Introducing the Community Forum Community Forum OpeningWe’re excited to announce the launch of’s Community Forum, where participating users can see how others are interacting with the app, ask questions or advice from those who are in similar situations, and even request features. EMR users continue to find new and interesting ways to integrate the EMR into their practice, and they’re talking about it. By providing users a way to spread the word, our goal is to pull the DPC community together in the name of better patient care. Here’s how the forum works:

  • Ask Questions: Ask a fellow user, ask the team. Either way, get feedback from someone who understands what you’re going through.
  • Request a Feature: Wonder if anybody else wishes that button existed inside Find out, and get a response from on what the plans are for adding it.
  • Get Status Updates: If we’re running an update, or experiencing the rare occasion of downtime, we’ll make sure the information is visible so you don’t have to go searching for answers.
  • Make Friends: We’re all in the same boat, with the same goal of providing patient-centric care while falling back in love with our jobs every day. Being able to talk to someone about all that is fantastic.

The Community Forum is open, so go check it out here!

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November 13, 2014

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What’s New in the EMR?

Check out the latest round of updates and feature releases for the EMR.

Did You Notice?
Some new information is now being featured on your login screen. You’ll find helpful blurbs about new features, and what we’re talking about on the blog just below the login fields.

Smooth Transition to iPhone 6
The iPhone 6 and 6+ are bigger than ever. To accommodate, EMR improved the size and resolution of the graphics within the app to ensure users have a smooth experience throughout.

Better Note Editing
The creator of a note can do more than simply edit the content. Now users can view previous versions of the note, including the reason the note was edited in the first place. Linear transparency = real efficiency. Read more about editing notes over here.

Automated Birthday Messages EMR users can automatically send patients an email on their birthday. Read more about setting this up over here.

Easier Macro Viewing
Now you can view your custom macros, and patient-only macros with one click. Catch up on all things macro here.

Additional Notification Options
You already had the option to schedule appointment reminders or follow up messages using email, but now you can utilize Twitter DMs and SMS, too. Read more about it in this article.

Resend Fax Messages
Resend failed faxes and successful faxes, see who failed faxes were sent to and why they failed in the first place. Get the details over here.

Notification of Task Assignment
If someone assigns you to a task, you’ll receive an email notification explaining the details so you won’t miss a thing. Read more about email task notifications here.

Manage Recurring Appointments
If you have a recurring appointment set, now you can edit just one of those events instead of the entire block.

The Social, Functional, Custom EMR Wishlist.

Dr. Val Jones wants more from her EMR.

She’s looking for social functionality, accountability, ease of use and _personality_. She has high expectations of the docs in her community. She knows that by entering comprehensive notes in the patient’s chart, everyone is better off for it. She can only imagine how useful being able to attach photos to those notes would be. And she definitely sees the benefit in being able to tag notes for easy search and reference later on.

Dr. Val, we hear you. And we felt the same way, which is why we jumped at the chance to create an EMR for Direct Care docs, by Direct Care docs. The EMR stacks up pretty well to Dr. Val’s wish list. Let’s break it down: Read more